Bird Feeders

Feeding birds in our own backyards brings us closer to nature.  It can give us joy watching the birds coming in and out of our garden to feed, to use the bird bath or to just perch nearby.  It can also help the birds themselves whether because their natural resources have been depleted or during critical times, particularly in the winter.  Birds do not forget how to forage in nature for food, but when natural food sources are covered by ice or snow and temperatures are below freezing having a reliable food source can help birds survive.  They use the energy provided by food during the night to keep warm then need to restock as soon as possible in the morning.  Backyard bird feeders can be critical to their survival during extreme temperatures. 

When choosing a feeder keep in mind the type of birds you want to attract, locations, squirrel or predator access and seed choice. Click on the titles below for more information on each feeder option.  



Hopper Feeders

Hopper feeders allow birds of all sizes. Add a single seed or a blend. Comes in a variety of sizes for hanging or mounting. Available in our durable EcoTough® recycled material. A great foundational feeder for your backyard bird feeding station. 



Tube Feeders

A great feeder for most birds that prefer to feed at elevated feeders. Our tube feeders are available in a variety of sizes and are easy to clean and fill.


Suet Feeders

We have a variety of suet feeders from a simple cage to tail prop feeders that help to mimic the natural feeding position of a woodpecker. Chickadees and nuthatch will often come to suet feeders too. High energy food essential for energy, particularly during our cold winter months. 


Peanut Feeders

Woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays - all love peanuts! Offer peanuts in or out of the shell with our peanut feeders. 



Finch Feeders

Goldfinches are a beautiful year-round backyard visitor. In the winter the males molt changing from their golden yellow into a duller olive colour, similar to the females. They love nyjer which is best offered in a finch feeder, with smaller ports for this tiny seed.


Squirrel Proof Feeders

Have a problem with squirrels eating your bird seed? Save the seed for your birds, not the squirrels with these squirrel-proof options. 


Tray & Cup Feeders

Birds find their food by sight, so offering food in a tray or cup means your birds will find their food faster. A tray also provides a great view of your birds too! We have ground trays, hanging trays, window trays, and specialty hanging cup feeders! 


Hummingbird & Oriole Feeders

These specialty feeders will provide nectar and other foods for some of the most loved birds - hummingbirds and orioles!! They are easy to clean and guaranteed for life!


Window Feeders

Bring the birds up close for great views with a window feeder.