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Feeder Battles


Feeder Battles






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 What's for Dinner?

Project Feederwatch data in action! Click here

Raptor Population Index Project

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 Mobbing Birds - What's Going on?

Woodpecker Study

Incredible Bird Changes for Migration,weight%20in%20fat%20as%20they%20prepare%20for%20migration

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The Biggest Jerks at Your Feeder

Top of the Flock at your Feeder

Pandemic Bird Song

Dawn Chorus

White-throated Sparrows Changing Their Tune

The Hum of the Hummingbird

How Land Birds Cross the Open Ocean

Some land birds travel hundreds of kilometers across the ocean without stopping during migration but how do they do it?

Predicting Migration

Birds Bring More Happiness - According to Science

Loon Survey Report

Have you visited a Canadian lake this summer? Heard the call of the beautiful Loon? Citizen Scientists help Birds Canada monitor the loons breeding and survival rates. Read their 40-year report on this survey now.

Everything you Need to Know About Feathers

As our birds are in the middle of molting their older feathers for brand new ones - this article covers everything you need to know about feathers - the anatomy, evolution, how they function & much more.

New study suggests falcons have natural 'eye makeup' to improve hunting ability

Falcons are amazing hunters! Could these markings could be the key to their talents?