Using optics brings a very fun and exciting aspect to birding. Using binoculars or a scope can provide some amazing images of birds you see and hear in the backyard, on a local trail or a birding hike, across a pond or soaring in the sky. 

When choosing optics consider what you will be using them for: specifically for bird watching, general nature viewing, or perhaps for watching sporting events. Is the weight or size of the binocular an issue? Perhaps a wide field of view is most important, or a higher magnification. 

Our staff are here to help you choose the right optic for you! Feel free to stop by the store to look through a few pairs of binoculars and test them out. We'll show you how to compare different models and guide you through the selection process!

Select Vortex Binoculars can now be ordered through our online store.

We carry the following optics in store. Please contact Wild Birds Unlimited by email or phone for pricing details or visit the store so we can assist you in person! Click on the link for more information on our products.



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