January 5, 2022 Update: Storefront open with a maximum capacity of 4 people. Masks required upon entry. See details below.

Winter Weight

Being Seasonally Savvy: A Wintertime Tip

Let’s talk inchworms

Wait…what does that have to do with feeding birds during winter? So glad you asked. It’s really a great story.

Believe it or not, inchworms are an important source of food for several of our winter birds.

Inchworms are the larvae, or caterpillars, of small geometrid moths. There are more than 1,400 species native to North America. These caterpillars overwinter in the bark and limbs of trees, as do other numerous insect larvae, pupae and eggs. All of them have an amazing ability to tolerate extreme cold while maintaining the spark of life that allows them to emerge undamaged next spring.

Over the eons, many of our winter birds learned to glean the trees in search of this frozen food supply that is high in the fats and protein they need to survive. It’s a behavior you have probably observed as you watched nuthatches, chickadees, kinglets, wrens and Brown Creepers explore every nook and cranny in the trees around your yard.

Enter Wild Birds Unlimited founder, Jim Carpenter. More than 30 years ago, he observed this foraging activity and set out to create a new bird food in the hope of attracting Brown Creepers to the trees in his yard. Working in his own kitchen, it took him nearly two decades to perfect the recipe and bring to market what is now known as Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter®.

Jim created Bark Butter as a “spreadable” suet that could be applied directly to the trunk of trees…and it soon became clear that it was a natural magnet for tree gleaning birds. Brown Creepers were not the only birds that loved it. Amazingly, over the past decade it has been documented to attracted more than 150 species of birds to our backyards

Providing high-energy, high-fat Bark Butter is hard to beat, especially during the winter. It is a great way to embrace the changing seasons and provide your birds with the best foods for their shifting nutritional needs. If critters are an issue in your yard, try offering Hot Pepper Bark Butter foods. Birds love them - critters not so much!

Your birds will love it, and besides, you may also be giving a cute little frozen inchworm a welcome reprieve to defrost next spring.

 Project Feederwatch

Make your Birds Count - Become a Citizen Scientist

Join Project Feederwatch 

All you have to do is:

1. Choose your site - an area of your backyard that is easy to monitor 

2. Count the birds you see 

3. Enter your data online - either on your computer or through the mobile app

For all the details and to register visit Project Feederwatch.


Update January 5, 2022 : Storefront Open with Reduced Capacity

Our storefront is open for in-store shopping

  • Maximum of 4 customers will be allowed inside at one time
  • Masks must be worn upon entry.
  • We will be able to accept cash, debit and credit cards and WBU Gift cards in-store.
  • We will be practicing safe social distancing with all staff and customers.
  • We are cleaning all high-touch surfaces frequently throughout the day. The health of our team and customers is our top priority.

Skip the Line and Shop Online! We are not sure what wait times will be like, so we invite everyone to browse our online store at mywbu.com/Guelph and order online or by phone at 519-821-2473. There are options for curbside pickup by appointment, in-store pickup and even free delivery (some conditions apply). See below for more details on how to shop the way you like!

We thank all of our customers for your patience and continued support. We hope feeding the birds is bringing joy to your home!

Happy Birdwatching,
Love the whole flock at Wild Birds Unlimited, Guelph


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  • If you’re ordering by phone, you can receive free shipping on all orders above $99, before tax, within local FedEx shipping zones. If your shipping address is outside of the local shipping zones there will be extra shipping costs.
  • If your order is less than $99, before tax, there will be a delivery charge of $14.99. We are temporarily offering free delivery on local Guelph orders over $50 before tax. 
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