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February 29th - March 4th

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Owl Cam

Mama Owl is Back!

Watch all the happenings on the owl cam here. There is an inside camera catching all the action of the nesting female, and an outside camera for views of her visiting mate and mamas excursions. There are currently 2 eggs - laid February 26 and February 29. Will there be a third?? Visit our owl cam page here or by clicking on the image above.


Help Goldfinches Prepare for Breeding Season

Attracting goldfinches is one of the biggest payoffs of backyard bird feeding. That breathtaking gold really makes them stand out from the other visitors at your feeders. That is, when they show off their gold plumage, a time that's just around the corner.

Unlike many birds, goldfinches molt their body feathers twice a year; once in the spring before breeding and again after nesting in the fall.

Molting requires lots of nutrients and energy which probably diminishes their ability to nest earlier in the season. In fact, goldfinches will delay breeding until the greatest number of thistle, dandelion and other composite flowers are seeding.

You can make a difference for the goldfinches visiting your yard by providing their preferred foods. Goldfinches love our WBU Finch Blend. It combines two of their favorite foods, Nyjer® and sunflower chips. These are full of beneficial fats and proteins that the birds seek out. Plus, they are small and easy to eat, mimicking the composite seeds they feed on in the wild. Fill your feeders with these foods and let the show begin!

Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry.

Project Feederwatch

One of the 7 Simple Actions to help the birds is to take part in a Citizen Science Project like Project FeederWatch! Count the birds you see and help scientists track bird populations.

What could be easier! Turn the birds you love to watch into scientific discoveries. Watching birds is what we all love to do! Join Project FeederWatch, count the birds and enter your data online on the Your Data section of the Project Feederwatch website or on the FeederWatch app.

7 Simple Actions




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