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Certify Your Yard

Turn Your Yard Into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Birds need your help! The North American bird population has decreased by 2.9 billion breeding adults over the past 50 years, a net loss of 29%. Scientists have identified habitat loss as the biggest reason for the decline.

Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to Champion the National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat®️ Program. Turning your yard, balcony container garden or work landscape into a certified habitat which attracts birds, butterflies, and other neighborhood wildlife is fun, easy, and can help bring birds back.

Your Wildlife Habitat should include: 

  • Food: Offer at least three sources of food for wildlife. Bird Feeders including seed, nectar & suet will attract a greater number & variety of birds. Plant at least one native plant food source. 
  • Water: Water can attract a variety of birds including those that don't normally visit your bird feeders. 
  • Cover: Wildlife needs protection from weather & from predators.
  • A Place to Raise Young: At least two places to raise their young. Native plants can provide safe areas for raise families. Including a nest box can help birds find that have trouble finding homes due to loss of their natural habitat.
  • Sustainability: Incorporate natural sustainabiliy practices including native plants, mulching, composting, avoiding pesticides & chemical use. 

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