What's New!!


For your birds, yourself or a gift for the nature lover in your life. We are always working on bringing new and exciting items into the store. Please check back often to see what has arrived.  

These items can also be ordered by phone, 519-821-2473 for in-store or curbside pick up. Delivery also available. 

Bluebird Bugberry Blend

NEW! Bluebird Bugberry Blend comes in a 3lb bag loaded with Bark Butter® Bits, dried mealworms and fruit! Add it to one of our beautiful Good Morning Bluebird feeders to attract bluebirds as well as other birds! 

Goodmorning Bluebird Feeder


Golden Safflower (NutraSaff™) Cylinder

NutraSaff, also called Golden Safflower, is a safflower hybrid developed with a thinner shell, but leave the thin brown striped husk for some protection. It has about 25% higher protein, and 30% higher fat than regular safflower.

When you first start using it, it may take your birds a little bit of time to find it. Once they find it, it is typically readily eaten! With the harder shell removed, it is easier for your birds to eat. 

Our seed cylinders include a hole down the center of the food that slides onto our seed cylinder feeders. Cylinders are a great, long-lasting way to feed the birds! Plus you get longer views and they can't 'dine and dash'! 


Tru Earth Products

New to the Tru Earth line: 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Why waste Mother Nature’s water in plastic jugs of cleaner when you can just tear off a strip, drop it into the bowl, let it dissolve, and scrub away the dirt and mess? No more measuring, no more drips or spills, no more plastic jugs.

Dishwasher Tabs: Each tablet cleans a full dishwasher of flatware, cutlery, and cookware. Just place a single tablet into the regular detergent dispenser in your machine, close the door, and start up the machine. No fuss, no muss! Super concentrated small dose. No extra, unnecessary chemicals. Natural cleaning ingredients. Made in Canada

Tru Earth Laundry Strips: Sensitive to your skin and the environment! Each strip contains concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a pre-measured strip of liquidless detergent! Works in all types of washing machines! Available fragrance-free or in a linen fresh scent. Dissolves completely in hot or cold water!


Jim's Birdacious Bugs & Bits™: An easy way to feed a high fat, high protein treat! A combination of our popular Bark Butter® Bits with dried mealworms. Can be used any time, but especially popular with birds during nesting season, migration and molting birds. Will also attract insect-eating birds to your yard. Made from roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, corn, calcium and more. Calcium helps promote egg shell and bone development. No-melt formula. Great to offer year-round!