Hopper Feeders


Eco Classic Too Green



WBU Eco Class Too 

The Classic Too comes in both cedar and EcoTough Material and can be hung or mounted on a pole.  It has curved ends so you can see birds better.  Perch drains allow shells as well as seed top drop out of the feeder for ground-feeding birds to eat.  




 Featherweight Mini Hopper


Featherweight Mini Hopper Feeder 

Our FeatherWeight line is a thinner, lighter version of our recycled EcoTough® material that comes in a cool, clean color scheme. The Mini Hopper is a smaller version of our Classic Hopper that is great for small spaces or as an introduction to the hobby. Designed for hanging only. (hanging hardware included).




Ranchette Retreat


 WBU ECO Ranchette Retreat

A hopper feeder with a difference.  This includes suet cages on each end of the feeder to offer suet cakes for woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees.  Available in cedar or EcoTough material.  





Fundamentals Hopper Feeder


Fundamentals Hopper Feeder