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It's always entertaining birdwatching when chickadees, cardinals, grosbeaks, titmice and finches stack up on our tube feeders. Most birds that prefer to feed at an elevated feeder will visit a tube feeder; our tube feeders are popular because they come in a variety of sizes and seed capacities and efficiently dispense a wide variety of seed.

Seed Tube & Finch Feeders

Seed Tube FeederQuick Clean Base

Our seed and finch tubes have a quick clean bottom which comes off easily for cleaning. You can also fill from the bottom. This way old seed is not getting left by your birds.  Our Wild Birds Unlimited tube feeders come with a limited, lifetime guarantee.   

Available in Small Medium and large sizes. Come with a quick clean base. Trays, weather guards and cages can be added to tube feeders. 

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Finch Feeder


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Extra Large Seed Tube 

Extra Large Seed Tube

A six-perch feeder with great capacity for busy backyards. Perches are large and can accommodate larger sized birds like cardinals and grosbeaks! Spend less time filling and more time enjoying your birds with this quick-clean feeder. 

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Weather Guards

Weather Guard

 Available slotted and hooked, 12" and 18" sizes. Helps to protect your seed from the elements. The 18" hooked can also help prevent squirrels from getting to your feeder from above! 

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Seed Tube Trays


 Trays screw into the bottom or our WBU seed and finch tube feeders. Available in 8.5" and 12" sizes. Useful to catch seed or shell as well as a perching space for birds like cardinals. Trays have drainage holes to prevent rain from building up in the tray. 

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Cleaning Brushes


Cleaning your feeders regular is a key component to backyard bird feeding. It keeps not only your feeder in tip top shape but, more importantly, your birds happy and healthy. Offering them fresh seed in a clean feeder will keep them coming back! See our full line of cleaning brushes by clicking on the Shop Online image below. 

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