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Birds Love It, Squirrels Not So Much

Are critters stealing suet from your feeders? We have the solution. We've added some heat to some of our bird foods, including our exclusive seed cylinders, a no-melt suet dough cylinder, a no-melt suet cake, Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter Bits & Bark Butter!

Hot Pepper Bark Butter Tub


Hot Pepper Bark Butter: Feed the birds, not the squirrels with this new hot pepper variety of our ever popular Bark Butter! Spread it on a tree or on our Bark Butter feeder! 



Bark Buttelr Quickbites


Hot Pepper Bark Butter Quickbites: This box contains 8 single us, handy cups of spreadable Hot Pepper Bark Butter! No need to touch the product just peel off the lid and place in a feeder for birds to enjoy!




Hot Pepper Bark Butter Bits



Hot Pepper Bark Butter Bits: Newest to our line of hot pepper products these little suet balls are a perfect treat for your birds. As the colder temperatures arrive birds will really enjoy these little nuggets of energy. 

Offer them in the WBU Dinner Bell feeder, our spiral treat tray or in a peanut feeder (on their own or mixed in with your no-shell peanuts! 



Hot Pepper Cylinder



Cylinders: Offer hot pepper in cylinder form! Offering bird food in cylinder form works great for vacations as they last longer than loose seed. You also get better views of the birds as they can't just do a fly-thru and grab-and-go with their seed. Hot Pepper comes in small and large size cylinders as well as in both a regular and No-Mess variety! 

You can offer a cylinder feeder on the WBU Dinner Bell, Cylinder Feeder (comes with either a green or red lid), or a Tidy Cylinder Feeder. For best results, use a cylinder feeder with a roof to prevent the hot pepper from being washed off or diluted by the weather.



 Hot Pepper No-Mess Stackable

Stackable: Like our cylinders but in a small size! Offer these on a cylinder feeder with other stackables or by itself! We even have an EZ attach spike the perfect size for a stackable!



 Hot Pepper Suet

Suet Cake: A great way to prevent the squirrels from eating your suet! The woodpeckers, chickadees & nuthatches will still love it too! Put the suet cake in any of our suet cages, tail prop feeder or Pileated Tail Prop feeder!



Cylinder Feeder Dinner Bell with Bark Butter Bits Tail Prop Feeder Suet Dough Cylinder Spiral Treat Tray with Bark Butter Bits 

The Science Behind the Pepper: While birds such as chickadees & nuthatches readily eat foods containing hot pepper, pesky critters will shy away from them. Many mammals feel a burning sensation when they eat hot peppers. The capsaicin found inside the pepper activates a receptor protein in a mammal. At low concentrations, (as in our products), the capsaicin doesn't damage tissue, instead the activated receptor sends a message to the brain which, in turn, sends a pain response to that part of the body.  Researchers have found no evidence that capsaicin irritates the tissue in the mouth, eyes or digestive tract of birds. 

The Hot Pepper Solution: Using our Hot Pepper products is a great solution to your critter problem. Proven effective against most squirrels, and successful with some other critters. As the squirrels stay away, your feeders will become more active - but with birds and not squirrels.



Ask one of our Certified Bird Feeding Specialists how best to offer hot pepper in your backyard!