Flying Start Combo

Attract All the Birds

It doesn’t take a lot of effort... or a lot of money to get started feeding the birds. With our Flying Start™ Combo, you get everything you need. It’s quick, easy to hang and includes the foods all the birds in your backyard will love.

  • Great for First Time Bird Feeders
  • Great Addition to Your Existing Setup
  • Great way to see what birds you can attract 

Stackable Cylinders

No-Mess Blend - sunflower chips, nuts and fruit pieces

Suet dough - suitable for year round and will not melt in summer heat

Peanuts & Tree Nuts - includes peanuts, a variety of tree nuts such as walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews & pecans


The feeder is designed to hold the cylinders with a rod running through the hole in the centre of each stackable cylinder.  You can also use the feeder with our full sized cylinders.