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Bird Hikes

Want to go birding but don't know where to start?! Let us help! Wild Birds Unlimited has planned some introductory hikes in the area just for you. Our very own Richard Tofflemire, the bird man, will be leading them. Click here for information on upcoming hikes. 


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Nature Guelph

Want to connect with other nature-lovers in our area? Guelph Nature (formerly called Guelph Field Naturalists) holds meetings (both publicly and for members-only), leads local hikes, and runs great children programs such as Young Naturalists (NAT's) and Naturalists in Training (NIT's). For those specifically interested in birds, check out the BirdWing Meetings on the last Monday of the month at 7:30 at the Ellington residences 168 Metcalfe St.

Meetings such as these are provided by GN for bird-lovers' benefit. Please consider becoming a member if you are not already. To find out how to join, or to check for upcoming events, visit .