Guelph, Ontario

For those who like squirrels...

The Squirrel Squngee


What appears to be a harmless dangling ear of corn is really the Squngee® Deluxe - a feeder for the fearless squirrel! Unable to resist the temptation, squirrels will attempt to free the corn from the elastic hanger and then be sent safely bouncing. A bell mounted on the feeder alerts you when squirrels are going for a ride. A squirrel's patience will be tested, but you can count on this - they will be back!

Squirrel Squngee

Corn Munch & Hanger

Corn Munch is a compact cylinder of corn and peanuts. Because it is so dense, it lasts a very long time and keeps the squirrels preoccupied. You can hang the corn munch off a simple hanger, which screws into a fence or pole. Refills can be bought separately (2 in a package).

The Squirrel Chair 

Watch the squirrels sit down to eat at their own table set just for them! Screw a cob of corn or Nut Munch cylinder on the table, and the squirrels will sit down on the chair as they feast away. The Squirrel Chair can be mounted on the side of a fence or pole.

Squirrel Munch Box

 Made of recycled plastic bottles, this is a durbale container for holding peanuts. The lid lifts easily for the squirrels to reach in and grab a snack! Mount on a post or fence, and the squirrels will sit on the extended ledge to eat.

Spiral Corn Cob Feeders

Try one of these fun feeders to offer corn for your furry friends! Available in three bright colours.

Spiral Corn Cob Feeders