How to Attract: Black-capped ChickadeesBlack-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadees are a friendly yet feisty feeder bird. They are very easy to attract, can be found almost anywhere, and seem quite comfortable around humans. Their distinct feeding style is fun to watch, as they fly to the feeder, grab a single seed, and fly back to a branch to hold the seed between their feet and break it open with their beak (as seen in the picture to the right). 

As autumn approaches, chickadees begin caching seeds for the winter by the hundreds. (A single chickadee can fly away with up to 1,000 seeds in one day!)  In a behaviour called “scatter-hoarding,” each seed is individually hidden in a unique location. Common storage sites include under tree bark, dead leaves, knotholes, and even house siding and shingles. The amazing thing is that they can accurately remember the location of each seed they hoard!


Chickadees like to eat:


Black Oil Sunflower      Safflower

     Black Oil Sunflower                     Safflower


Feeders for Chickadees:  

Quick Clean Seed Tube

WBU Quick-Clean Seed Tube

Our Quick-Clean seed tube feeders are the absolute easiest feeders to clean! A quick press of two buttons and the base pops off for easy access. This easy-to-fill, easy-to-hang feeder can offer either sunflower or safflower, and attracts birds such as chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches and finches. Great as a starter feeder! Comes with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer a variety of accessories such as trays and weather guards (see How to Attract Goldfinches to view pictures).    



Classic Too Red

WBU Classic Too Hopper

Introduce a friend or family member to the joys of birdfeeding with our Classic Mini feeder! The feeder's patented design includes a self-cleaning ledge with notched ends to allow shells to fall away, and curved sides to provide a better view of the birds. The wide perch is ideal for both small birds (like Chickadees) as well as larger birds. Available in cedar or EcoTough material (recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs).

Window Feeders

WBU Window Feeder - Hopper Style

Get up close and personal with the birds in your backyard! Great for sunflower seeds, peanuts or safflower, this durable feeder attaches right to your window pane with suction cups, allowing you to see every bird detail. To fill with seed, slide the feeder out from grooves in the roof so you don't have to remove the suction cups each time. Comes with our Lifetime Guarantee against damage.

Window Feeder

WBU Window Feeder - Two Tray style