How to Attract Northern Cardinals

The Northern Cardinal is a welcome addition to any yard! This brilliantly coloured bird is a year-round resident in our area, although in the days of Audubon it was strictly a southern bird. In backyards, it is often the first bird seen visiting your feeders early in the morning. Females are a duller shade of red, but nonetheless still beautiful.

In winter cardinals generally flock together but by spring they pair up for nesting season. They are famous for their display of courtship feeding: the male picks up a bit of food and takes it over and places it on the female’s bill!

The best way to attract Cardinals is by providing cover in the form of shrubs or trees. Hang feeders within 10 feet of vegetation. Cardinals will feed on the ground as well as perch at hopper feeders and tube feeders. 

Cardinals like to eat:    

              Black Oil Sunflower                   Safflower

 Feeders for Cardinals:

 Classic Eco Too

WBU Classic Hopper Feeder

Designed by Wild Birds Unlimited founder, Jim Carpenter, our Classic has curved ends so you can see birds better as they feed on both sides. Perch drains allow shells as well as seed to drop out of the feeder for ground-feeding birds to eat.  This feeder holds a generous amount of seed and has ample perching space for both smaller and larger birds. Available in cedar or EcoTough material (recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs).


EcoTough Ground Feeder


EcoTough Ground Fly-Thru Feeder

Sprinkle some seed in the tray to attract cardinals as well as Mourning Doves, Chickadees, and others. The roof protects the birds and food from the elements, and the perforated metal bottom lifts out for easy cleaning. EcoTough feeders are made out of recycled plastic, and will not crack, rot, or fade. 


Extra Large Seed Tube


Quick-Clean XL Seed Tube Feeder

This feeder belongs to our line of Quick-Clean Seed Tubes, which means that the base easily removes for easier cleaning. The perches are larger and U-shaped to accommodate larger birds like Cardinals and Grosbeaks as well as smaller birds. Fill with a black sunflower blend and watch the birds flock! Comes with our famous Lifetime Guarantee against damage.






Accessories & Options:

Safflower Cylinder

Safflower Seed Cylinder

Seed cylinders are held together with gelatin. A long-lasting way to feed your birds and attract a wide variety of species! Safflower cylinder is a favourite for cardinals.  Shown here on the Green Seed Cylinder Feeder.






Side Dish

Add a Side Dish to your Advanced Pole System to offer fruit, seed, peanuts, or dried insects. 

Also shown: Weather Guard for protection against the elements.