WBU Owl Cam!

The 2021 Barred Owl Cam is live! Barred Owl clutch size ranges from 1–5 eggs, but the female nesting at this site usually lays either 2 or 3 eggs. Keep your eyes peeled to see the action in the two owl cams below!

Interior Owl Cam


Exterior Owl Cam


Owl Cam Timeline:

First egg laid: March 8, 2021
Second egg laid: March 11, 2021
Incubation typically lasts 28 – 33 days from when the first or second egg is laid.

First egg hatched: 
Second egg hatched: 
Nestling period lasts approximately 28-35 days.

First owlet fledged: 
Second owlet fledged: 
To learn more about Barred Owls visit All About Birds by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.