Ground Feeders & Trays

EdoTough 9x9 Tray

Hanging Trays

Made from EcoTough® material our hanging trays are 9"x9" in size and great to hang from your Advanced Pole System or other hook.  Keeping the food off the ground yet providing enough space for visiting birds.  You can use it for any of our blends or single seeds like safflower for Northern Cardinals and House Finches or peanuts in the shell for Blue Jays.  


Ground Trays

Ground Trays are available in cedar and EcoTough® material.  

EcoTough® Covered Ground FeederCovered Ground Feeder

Attract a variety of birds with an EcoTough® Covered Ground Feeder. The roof protects the birds and food from the elements. The perforated metal bottom keeps the seed dry and lifts out for easy cleaning. Our EcoTough feeders are made of recycled milk jugs, won't crack, fade or rot and have a lifetime guarantee. 




Catch-A-Seed Tray

Pole Mounted Catch-A-Seed Trays

Attached to the APS pole system these trays offer a separate feeding location as well as catch seed dropped from a feeder mounted above. 




Side Dish Tray and Roof

APS Side Dish Tray

This little tray is a great addition to the APS pole system. Offer seed, nuts, mealworms or fruit. A real treat for the birds. Add a roof (sold separately) to protect the food, and your birds, from the weather!