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Jabebo Earrings

A unique design, perfect for any nature lover!


Jabebo Monarch earrings Jabebo Piping Plover Earrings

What are they?

Original Artwork 


   Jabebo earrings are handmade, colourful designs. They are chosen to inspire curiosity and the wonderous diversity of our world. A playful style speaks to the inner child in all of us!


Most of the earrings have differing but complimentary left and right images. Our store carries a wide selection of bird, bug and mammal designs. Click here to see some of the designs, or visit our store too see them in person!

Recycled Materials


   Earrings are constructed from post-consumer cereal box cardboard. Print and images from the cardboard packaging is visible on the reverse of the earrings. Two layers of cardboard are sandwiched together to provide a sturdy base for the colour image applied on the front.


   The display cards are also made from cereal box cardboard which are sprayed with water based latex paint. On many cards a circle is left unpainted so that some graphics of the original packaging show through.

Other Materials


   Being made from paper, the earrings are light weight and comfortable to wear. Ear nuts to keep them from slipping out are provided. They are hung on surgical steel French hangers with ear nuts to help keep them from getting lost.


   The earrings are coated with Platina dewaxed shellac providing durability and resistance to water. They will survive the occasional drenching; be it a shower, rain storm, or a sudden jump into a pool. Just be sure it does not last more then a few minutes and they have a chance to dry out. Although, shellac has the historical reputation for discoloring when exposed to water, the improved dewaxed products are more resistant to this. Shellac is also resistant to UV light which eliminates the yellowing effect over time and protects the colours in the earrings images. Shellac is a natural and renewable product, and it has an interesting natural history resulting from interactions between the lac insect and their tree hosts. Shellac does get soft in high heat so if you were to leave a set of earrings touching each other in a hot car they my stick together.

About the Artist


Mary and Kevin   Kevin started Jabebo Earrings in 1995 after he developed a technique of reproducing miniature images (water-color paintings at first, evolving over time into art created directly onto the computer using a stylus and Adobe software) that can be displayed from earring wires. It quickly became his primary creative outlet as he learned to customize the earrings to appeal to specialized tastes. The first stores that carried them were nature centers and refuge visitor centers in the Washington DC area. Today they are carried by more then 50 gift shops at nature centers and wildlife preserves.


   Kevin lives with his wife Mary, and their two twin daugters in Central Pennsylvania. Kevin has a diverse work history, ranging from tracking manatees in south Florida to teaching science in Kenya with the Peace Corps to working at the Smithsonian Institution. He met his wife in Kenya where she was teaching at an international school, just south of the Equator, and I at a Kenyan school just north of the equator. Nearly 15 years later, their lives are much less exotic. Kevin has been a stay-at-home dad to their twin daughters, and has also been putting in many long hours while growing Jabebo Earrings. Even though Kevin keeps very busy he still finds time to create other art projects in various mediums as well. Click here to see Kevin's portfolio.