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How to Attract: Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole is one of the most brilliantly coloured songbirds in the east. The male is black and orange underneath with an orange rump and has orange shoulders with orange side tail wings. The female is pale olive green above with a yellowish belly and two white wing bars.


Baltimore Orioles nest in open woodlands and shade trees. Great nest-builders, they construct their nests 6 to 60 feet above the ground in tall deciduous trees. They will use plant fibres, strips of bark, grass, yarn and string to build their hanging pouch nest.


Orioles eat insects and fruit, so they will not come to seed feeders. They will also drink nectar from oriole feeders. If you have orioles in your area, you have a good chance of attracting them to a fruit or nectar feeder in your yard! However, if it is your first time trying to attract them, it is recommended to place the oriole feeder away from any othe feeders in a quiet "corner" of your yard. Once they begin to visit the feeder, you can slowly start moving it closer to the house for a better view.

Orioles like to eat:

Oriole eating an orange half


Oriole & Hummingbird Nectar


BirdBerry Jelly

Grape Jelly


Feeders for Orioles:

WBU Oriole Feeder

Feed the Oriole's all of their favourite foods with this combo feeder! Slide half an orange onto the hanger, fill the boat with nectar, and fill the wells on top of the lid with jelly. Be sure to clean the feeder frequently and make sure the food is fresh. Comes with our Lifetime Guarantee against damage.

WBU Oriole Feeder

Jelly Feeder

Orioles can't get enough of grape jelly, so why not feed them an entire jar! This feeder has a large orange blossom that attracts the orioles, and a perch for the birds to land on. It includes a plastic jar, but also fits onto 10-12 oz. Smuckers jelly jars. It's easy to clean, and easy to refill.



Spiral Treat Tray

This feeder features three easy-to-fill cups and provides unobstructed views of visiting birds. Perfect for offering oranges, loose seed and even jelly (if you plug the small holes in the bottom of the cups!). It is easy to hang, and with a bright orange lid is great at attracting the oriole. 


*Also available in green.


Spiral Treat Tray


       Accessories & Options:

BirdBerry Jelly

BirdBerry Jelly:
A delicious mix of grape and blackberry, this jelly will have your orioles coming back for more! Comes in a convenient squeezeable container for easy dispensing. All natural with no preservatives or additives.

Oriole & Hummingbird Nectar 

Oriole Nectar:
Offer your birds our nectar solution and watch them lap it up. Our nectar provides the high calories these birds need! It contains no dyes or additives,and it's easy to mix.