Guelph, Ontario

Appleby House Signs

 Want to add a touch of personality to your home? Create a custom-made house sign to be mounted or suspended: you choose the size, colour of background, lettering and trim, and the decorative emblems. These resin signs are extremely durable, cannot rust or split, and are painted with marine-quality paint to ensure they withstand the elements. Appleby House Signs are made in Milton, ON, and are hand-painted with the utmost care. They'll even paint to match photos of pets!

These signs are available exclusively through our store. View examples of their handiwork below; click on each picture to be taken to the Appleby House Signs website to see more pictures of that particular size of sign.

Available in the following sizes:


 Oval Horizontal 9 inch

Oval 9" - Horizontal

 Oval Vertical 9 inch

Oval 9" - Vertical

Circular 10 inch

 Circular 10"

  Circular 12 inch

Circular 12"


Oval Horizontal 15 inch

Oval 15" - Horizontal

Oval Vertical 15 Inch 

Oval 15" - Vertical


16x12 Arch

16" x 12" Arch

16x17 Arch

16" x 17" Arch


 Oblong 14 inch


Oblong 14"



Circular 12 inch Number Sign

Number Sign

Available in multiple sizes!


Also Available: RenRock Signs

RenRock signs are made out of natural slate, a fine-grained rock that will resist flaking in extreme temperatures such as our Canadian weather. The numbers, letters and designs are sand-carved into the slate using a process that ensure precision and detail. To learn more, visit the RenRock website. View examples below.

RenRock small oval

Small Oval - 7.5" x 11.5"

RenRock Medium Oval

Medium Oval - 8.5" x 14"

RenRock large oval

Large Oval - 11" x15"

RenRock small rectangle

 Sm. Rectangle - 7.5"x 11.5"

RenRock medium rectangle

Medium Rectangle - 8.5" x 14"

RenRock large rectangle

Large Rectangle - 11" x 15"