Guelph, Ontario

Specialty Feeders

There are many species of birds that don't necessarily come to seed feeders, but don't worry! You can attract a wider variety of birds by offering foods such as fruit (fresh or dried), insects (like mealworms), and jams or jellies. We have many styles and types of specialty feeders to help you expand your backyard birdfeeding buffet! Download and read our brochure on Offering Peanuts, Fruit and Mealworms.

Decorative Fruit Feeder

This beautiful ivy and copper feeder can hold any kind of fruit from apples, and oranges to grapes and pomegranates. Fruit can attract birds such as Baltimore Orioles (pictured here), Cardinals, Robins, Chickadees, and more. Experiment with different fruits to see what your birds like!

Jelly or Mealworm Feeder

A glass dish suspended from a coppery hanger can hold dried insects or fruit jelly. Mealworms are great to attract Bluebirds, as well as Chickadees and nesting birds. Grape Jelly is a favourite of Baltimore Orioles.

Bluebird Feeder

Providing an easy source of food allows bluebirds to spend their energy on nest building and caring for their young instead of foraging for food. Our Bluebird Feeder is designed to let the bluebirds go through an entrance hole on either end and eat while inside. Offer mealworms, fruit or WBU Suet Snacks, and place the feeder near a bluebird nesting box or anywhere else you've seen bluebirds.

Cylinder & Fruit Feeders

Choose from a variety of bird silhouettes to hang fruit or our exclusive Seed Cylinders. Simply unscrew the bird foot from the bottom, slide on the fruit or cylinder, and hang for your birds to enjoy! Attracts chickadees, house finches, woodpeckers and more.

Decorative Glass Jelly Feeders

Made out of recycled glass, these decorative orange hanging feeders will add flair to your backyard. Fill with mealworms or grape jelly to attract Baltimore Orioles to your yard. The glass dish lifts out for easy cleaning.

Jelly Jail Feeder

This is one "jail" that the birds won't mind being in! The carefully-spaced bars allow small birds and Orioles through, keeping out squirrels and other larger birds. Fill the dish inside with jelly or mealworms. You can access the dish by "unlocking" the roof and lifting the dish out to refill and clean.