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What are other ways to attract birds and wildlife?

Once you start getting into the hobby of bird feeding, you will soon realize that you can attract birds by offering more than just seed! There are several things you can do to encourage birds to spend more time in  your yard, or to observe different behaviours that you don't necessarily see at feeders.

WBU Backyard Habitat

  • Water: One of the best things you can provide for your birds!
  • Bird Houses: Set up a house for your birds to raise a family, and witness the wonder of nesting.
  • Specialty Feeders: Experiment with fruit, dried insects, and even fruit jelly!
  • The Bird-Friendly Backyard: Landscape your yard with the birds in mind, and attract even more wildlife.
  • Bat Houses: Learn more about attracting these wonderful creatures to set up home in your yard.