Guelph, Ontario


Water is one of the four essential elements to providing a backyard habitat for your birds. Birds that might not ordinarily visit a feeder will find the sight or sound of water irresistible! It is important for birds to have access to open water (in all seasons), and clean feathers keep birds healthy.  Read our brochure on Providing a Water Source.

Below you'll find a sampling of our selection of bird baths and water accessories. We also have hanging bird baths, trays which can be mounted onto our Advanced Pole System, and wall-mounted bird baths!

Bird Bath trays and Stands14

Trays are available in different colours in both a 14" diameter and a 20" diameter. Stands come in both 14" and 20" diameter as well, with a short and tall variety. There is also an attachment for a 14" stand to attach from the APS pole setup.



Heated Bird Bath

A large 20-inch diameter bird bath with a built-in thermostat to keep the water from freezing. With a maximum depth of 3 inches and a textured surface, the birds are comfortable to have a drink or a bath. Attach it to your deck railing with an EZ tilt bracket for easy filling and cleaning! 

Also available in a 14" diameter size.




Bird Bath Heater

Try a heating unit to place in your own existing bath. Consists of an automatic thermostat that only turns on when the temperature drops low enough.



Accessories & Options

Our Mini-Mister can be hung or wound around the branch of a tree. Watch hummingbirds as well as goldfinches bathe in its refreshing mist.


Water Wiggler:
Two small foam discs constantly spin to create ripples in your bird bath. Perfect for preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs. The moving water also helps to attract birds.
NEW!! A solar powered version is also now available. No batteries required!

Scrubber Brush:
Every bird bath needs one of these! The stiff bristles ensure that your bath gets a good scrubbing, to keep the water clean and fresh.