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Field Guides

We have a great selection of field guides for both the beginner and the experienced bird-watcher! Take the hobby of birdfeeding one step further by learning to identify the birds in your yard and beyond. Choose between Stokes, Sibley, Peterson, Kaufman, Golden Guide, Lone Pine, National Geographic, and more! We also carry a selection of Western field guides, as well as some other tropical and faw-away destinations. Call to check availability.


Arboretum Feeder Birds Booklet

Arboretum Feeder Booklet

We carry the Arboretum's Booklet series, which includes Feeder Birds, Spring Wildflowers, Mammals and Dragonflies. These make a wonderful addition to a gift! Read more about the author, Chris Earley, under "Homegrown Products."








Peterson Birding By Ear 3-CD Set

Peterson Birding By Ear CD's

Want to learn your bird songs? Need help knowing the difference between the Rose-breasted Grosbeak's song and the American Robin's? Roger Tory Peterson teaches you how! Included are 85 common species grouped into 17 learning groups, based on acoustic similarity, for easier comparison. The educational narrative will guide you through exercises on what to listen for, tips for differentiating between songs, and pinpointing differences.