Guelph, Ontario

 New mugs

Two New Mug Designs!

Our collection of beautiful mugs has just grown by two designs! Come take a look at our huge selection, which now includes the Oriole and Great Horned Owl! The mugs are the perfect shape and size for your morning cup of coffee. Why not enjoy your backyard birds in style?! Come get yours today.






Handmade & Fair Trade!Wakami bracelets

Wakami is a socially conscious brand that creates fair trade jewelry. Designed and produced in Guatemala, these handmade bracelets are inspired by ancestral culture and wearing techniques from Central America.


Wakami connects artisans in rural villages to urban markets around the world. Through the fair trade program, artisans are able to empower themselves to become leaders of sustainable change in their community.


Guess who's back?!Owl Cam

 WBU's Jim Carpenter has hosted a camera-equipped owl box in his backyard for many years and a mama Barred Owl has set up residence again this year (How cool is that!). Mama moved into the box in early March and now has 3 eggs. If all goes well, we can expect the owlets to hatch in mid-April and they'll leave the nest by late May! Click on the picture of the mother Barred Owl to the left to see the live cam!






Swarovski ATX/STX scopesSwarovski Optiks Spotting Scopes!

The Swarovski ATX/STX modular spotting scopes are, to say the least, amazing! The ATX/STX series takes functionality, style and optical quality fo an all new level. For the first time, you can change a telescope's performance through the size of the objective lens, allow you to adapt to exactly what you want! You are able to interchange the straight or angles version of the ocular module with an option of 65mm, 85mm or 95mm objective modules.


Come see for yourself how great these new scopes are!






Tidy Cylinder Feeder!Tidy Cylinder Feeder

Featuring a tray that reduces the amount of uneaten seed debris that falls to the ground, our Tidy Cylinder Feeder makes offering seed cylinders easy. Simply drop one of our exclusive seed cylinders (2 lbs.), No-melt Dough Cylinders or up to three Stackables® into the feeder, hang it, and watch your birds enjoy.

Our exclusively-formulated Seed Cylinders, No-melt Dough Cylinders and Stackables keep birds at the feeders longer because they have to work to remove seeds. So instead of birds swooping in, grabbing a bite and taking off, Seed Cylinders give you a few extra moments of enjoyment.




WBU Guelph is now on Facebook!Like us on Facebook!

Visit our Facebook page and be one of the first to Like us! Irruptive winter birds, such as Pine Siskins and Evening Grosbeaks, have been reported in the area. Comment on our page, share photos and tell us where you've seen them!




Watch our Chickadee Music VideoChickadee Song music video_youtube

For our first annual Chickadee Day in Febuary 2012, we put together some of our favourite Chickadee photos to the music of Chuck Pyle's "Chickadee Song." It has been posted on YouTube for all to enjoy! Check it out and enjoy a chickadee moment in your day!







Leica Sport OpticsLeica Binoculars & Scopes In Stock

We are pleased to offer the exceptional line of Leica Sport Optics in our store. When you come in to try out the various binoculars or scopes in our selection, be sure to treat your eyes to the bright, true-to-life colour of Leica. View our selection of Leica optics online.






Have a pool? Get the Frog-Log!Original Frog Log

Save all those little critters that fall into your swimming pool! When an animal circles around the edge of the pool looking for a way out, it will bump into the FrogLog, climb onto the floating platform, up the mesh ramp, and exit the pool. Easy to assemble and store away for the winter, this is a simple solution to making your pool that much more wildlife-friendly.

Watch the demonstration video to see the Frog Log in action.






Drink shade-grown coffee, save the birds!Birds & Beans

"Coffee made in the shade" - that means better for the birds! We are proud to carry Toronto-based Birds & Beans coffee, providing orgranic, fair trade, songbird-friendly coffee which means that this great-tasting coffee preserves the wintering habitat of our migratory songbirds. Instead of growing coffee on cleared land with little-to-no habitat for birds, bird-friendly coffee is grown in shade-grown plantations that preserve the vegetation needed for wintering songbirds. Try one of the three flavours available in store: Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and Decaf. Visit Birds& to read more! 



Squirrel Buster Peanut+ FeederFeed Peanuts, without the Squirrels!

It's the world's first truly squirrel-proof peanut feeder! This feeder allows you to offer no-shell peanuts for your chickadees, woodpeckers, and jays without having the squirrels steal all the food. The outer shroud slides down over the ports when a squirrel gets on the feeder, denying them access to the food

Because the outer shroud extends below the feeding ports, it allows larger birds such as the Hairy or Red-bellied Woodpeckers (pictured right) to feed comfortably using their tails for support. The feeder is also weight-adjustable, so you control whether or not larger birds have access. Comes with a lifetime guarantee against damage.

Offer no-shell peanuts or Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter Bits.

No-shell Peanuts Birdacious BugBerrry Suet Nuggets


Family bird-watching with binocularsBird-Watchers Flock to the Library

The Guelph Public Library is encouraging all birdwatching enthusiasts to "flock" into their local library branch to sign out one of fourteen new Bird Watching Packs, graciously donated by the Gosling Foundation. Each pack comes with a set of binoculars, field guides, and information about bird watching in and around Guelph.

Bruce Weaver of the Guelph Public Library Board says: "This is a great partnership between the Gosling Foundation and Wild Birds Unlimited... I hope to see our library customers joining the Guelph Field Naturalists on outings to really put the Bird Watching Packs to good use!"



Tray & topper deck setup Multiple feeder setup Tray and hummingbird setup


Educational Presentations

Are you part of a school group or club that would like to learn more about backyard birds? We would love to come to your group and talk about what birds are in the area and how to attract them. Please contact us at the store at least a month in advance to book a time.