Guelph, Ontario


Hummingbird Day

You're Invited...

To Hummingbird Day!!
Sat April 29th 11am


On Saturday April 29th we celebrate the return of the hummingbird! These tiny birds have traveled great distances to get to our Royal City, so let's give them a warm welcome. 

 On April 29th enjoy Bird-Friendly coffee while you shop, which helps protect hummingbird (and other migratory bird) habitats in Central and South America. 

At 11am we will have visiting guests from Pollination Guelph, and members of the Guelph Horticultural Society who will help with a free Seed Planting table--featuring hummingbird-friendly species! We will also have a selection of hummingbird-friendly species for sale!! 



Oriole at feeder

All Wild Birds Unlimited

Hummingbird and Oriole

Feeders are 15% off! 

 A great way to prepare for their return!


*Valid only at WBU Guelph. Not valid on previous purchases. Offer expires April 30/17.

Hummingbird on feeder



Hummingbird Map Spring 2017

Where are the Hummingbirds?!

They're on the move! See for yourself where Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have been spotted by visiting Journey North and to report a sighting of your own.

View maps, specify dates, and even compare with previous seasons. Journey North is a great tool to watch and participate in the global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.