Happy Chickadee Day!

February is our favourite time to celebrate the friendly bird, the Black-Capped Chickadee!

Calling All Kids!

This year our Chickadee Day is going Virtual! Join us on our Facebook Page where we'll go LIVE on Sunday February 21st at 10am at www.facebook.com/WBUguelph !

We will have lots of Chickadee Day Fun, including: 

  • Reading a chickadee story
  • Doing a chickadee craft *see below what items you should bring to the call!
  • Announcing the winner of the Virtual Colouring Contest (entries must be submitted by February 19, see below for colouring contest details)
  • Watch some hand feeding chickadee videos
  • Ask any chickadee or bird questions in the Facebook chat!

*For the craft, bring a toilet paper roll, a piece of paper, scissors, glue and some crayons/markers or pencil crayons!  

Chickadee Day Colouring Page

Do you love colouring? Print out the picture of the chickadee below and colour it in. You could even get creative and add some things to the picture too! What about a bird feeder, some food the chickadee might like to eat, or even a friend in the picture? Want to share your work of art with us? Email a photo or scan of your picture to [email protected] !

**Entries for the Chickadee Day colouring contest have now closed.


Open the pdf version to print here: /download/196025/

Or print from the photo below!

 Chickadee Colouring Contest