Photo Contest

American Robin Fledgling

Contest Theme: Little Fledglings

 ** Please always be sensitive to the birds' comfort. Do not disturb nests or cause stress. Be extra cautious with nestlings in nests as they could be startled and jump from the nest before they're ready. **

Photo Contest Rules: 

  1. Photo must relate in some way to the theme 'Little Fledglings'. 
  2. One photo entry per person only. If more than one photo is posted to the contest Facebook page WBU Guelph will accept the first photo received as the entry.
  3. Photo must have been taken by the person posting the photo.
  4. By submitting your photo you agree to its use in any WBU Guelph promotions / publications
  5. Photos will be displayed on our in-store bulletin board
  6. To be eligible you must like our WBU Guelph Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter account; share the contest post with your friends & submit your photo in the comments section of the contest post. 
  7. Contest entries made on Instagram must be tagged with @wbuguelph & include the #photocontest
  8. Entries made on twitter must be made in the comment section on the Photo Contest post.
  9. Photo submissions on Instagram and Twitter will be copied to our Facebook page for voting purposes.
  10. Deadline for submissions is June 21, 2021.
  11. Voting period will follow the date of submissions, June 22 - 30th on our Facebook page. Each photo "like" equals one vote. 
  12. Only votes (likes) on our contest voting Facebook post received within our official voting period will be counted.
  13. Five finalists will be chosen by online voting on the photos in our photo contest album available during the voting period.
  14. The 5 photos that receive the most 'likes' will be considered our finalists.
  15. The winner will be chosen by WBU Guelph staff from the 5 finalists chosen by you.
  16. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page